Karate Chi is a site deticated to showing the various combat applications used in both the hard and the soft martial arts (also referred to as external and internal martial arts). It will concentrate specifically on Shotokan Karate for demostrating the external martial art method and on Yang Style Tai Chi for demonstrating combat applications for an internal martial art.

Therefore, this site is divided into two main sections. One dealing with techniques of Shotokan Karate and the other dealing with Yang style Tai Chi.

Tai Chi techniques are demonstrated by Leonid Narodizki with assistance of his students. Leonid holds a Dan 5 in Shotokan Karate and has 30 years of experience in Yang Style Tai Chi

Karate techniques are demonstrated by Revital Naroditzki with assistance of Leonid's students. Revital Naroditzki holds Kyu 3 in Shotokan Karate and has won Israel National Chamipiontips in both kata and kumite numerous times.

Leonid is an active Karate and Yang Style Tai Chi teacher. His classes can be joined at the following facilities:

Tel Aviv :
Country Club Neve Sharet, Kehilat Cleveland
Karate , Tai chi

Ashdod :

Matnas Rova Hey, Shumel HaNagid 9
Tai chi

Matnas Rova Tet, Rishon LeZion 4
Karate , Tai chi

Matnas Rova Het, HaPrahim 18